Turkey eaten for the first time in nearly 20 years 1
Days spent in soggy swimmers 35
Christmas movies watched 10
Christmas Specials watched 500
Ice blocks sucked on 40
Calories consumed 150,000+
Champagne imbibed 2 good bottles
Red wine guzzled LOADS
Times when drunk too much of the above and sung
out of tune (although not anything by Paul McCartney)
I have a tendency to sing Macca when tipsy even
though I can’t stand him. Only 2 – very proud
Times went to bed wet after total emersion showers 20
Times went to sleep with an ice block wedged between
my breasts 15
Number of sons successfully introduced to
Spandau Ballet 1
Number of sons still only listening to rap 1
Days spent interstate 3
Steamy nights under canvas 2
Camping trips aborted due to extreme heat 1
Days with unmanageable hair due to heat————————-60
Days woken up with hair cross between a beehive and
a birds nest 20
Weight put on (conservative estimate- scales too scary) 2kg
Days until 5:2 diet starts 0
Sons in high school now – where did that time go? 2
Days and nights until weather becomes bearable approx 40
Visitors expected before summer ends 7

Hope 2015 is a good one for you all! I’m looking forward to returning to my normal colour – currently constantly puce. It doesn’t suit me.


  1. 😀 😀 That’s a brilliant! way to look at what felt like “the silly season” this year, tho’ for different reasons this end. I love it, & get the humid heat …! Will do my own version mentally … hmmmm … bushfires in close proximity … ?10? i lost count … xxx

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