I loved to write stories at school. Always about witches when I was six. They became ghostly and about death by the time I hit my teens. Is it any wonder I stopped writing until my thirties?

When I started writing as an adult the words didn’t flow as they had. I had a whole room to sit in, I blew dust from the keyboard and formed a chain of paperclips from my chair to the door. But over time my imagination awoke. I no longer wrote stories of witches, ghosts and dead people (well, only occasionally) but they still had a dark side. Do my characters live on after I’ve finished writing them? Wouldn’t that be scarey? This blog has been started so that they can, at least that’s the theory.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Julie. I came across one of your stories on Scribble, and had a little look at some of your writing here. I really enjoy it- I find it so poignant and engaging! I noticed you’re hoping to publish a book in 2018. I hope it does indeed see the light of day- and I intend to order it if so.

    Thanks for sharing your writing! x

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