I’m a Gen X – how did I get here?
We wore bin bags and chains. We turned our back on the disco kings and queens. I went to festivals before you had to pay for them. Before the TV crews or Kate Moss in wellies. I danced freestyle (still do – ask the old man).
I threw away my bra when I could have done with the support. I believed in the cause.
I read Classic Bike, Hesse, Huxley and Sounds magazine. I dressed like a librarian for work and a strumpet for play.
I’m not yet 50. Not quite. If I wedge my feet on the ground (like Bolly when she’s for the hose) maybe I’ll buy myself a couple of days. Burning the rubber of my DM’s. Sending sparks up my trousers.
You see. I’m not 50! Not for 364 and a one half days!

2 thoughts on “NOT YET 50

  1. 😀 … Love the pup & hose analogy, can relate big-time … but 50 (when you get there) is great, tried it for a year now & love it – can do whatever the * you want and guess what, it’s our world. So pull on your Blundies, put on your bogan (or Laura Ashley) shirt, forget the bra, & dance tonight, & tomorrow, & the next …

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