Time’s almost up. Those rolling weeks of sleep-ins and watching telly in the afternoon are nearly at an end. Days when the only meal I made was dinner. Ahhhh.

Our holiday in a nut shell:

There have been 2 camping trips – one long, one short. They involved 13 days under canvas, two meals at friend’s houses, three lunches out, fish and chips, meals cooked on a dodgy barbecue and no counts of botulism or food poisoning.

5 cinema trips

Countless cups of tea in bed in the mornings

Sleepovers and play-dates

1 chocolate fountain

A very short trip to a Sydney art gallery with sons 1 and 2. They lasted 45 seconds in the Yoko Ono War is Over exhibition, being dragged back onto the streets by their relieved father. (There followed a blissful hour for me which reduced me to tears at one point).

Countless episodes of British comedy. We watched the first series of Man Down in one sitting.

32 episodes of Doctor Who – two doctors, five companions and one metal dog

6 diet days

A game of backyard cricket and touch footie on the beach

Games of cricket and touch footie on the beach that involved me- 000000000

In this time there has been little rain, little writing and no making of sandwiches. Last night on the eve of the last day of the holidays I poured a large glass of red. My husband frowned, as I knew he would. “It’s the only Sunday that isn’t a school night for 10 weeks. I’m having a wine or two.” And I did.

Tonight is the mother of all school nights. New shoes that haven’t been broken in. Uniform polo shirts forgotten to buy for son no.2. Son no.1 has deemed his lunches too unhealthy and wants to make his own; using exotic ingredients.

Exotic ingredients = anything I don’t have in the house.

Tomorrow will be sad, glad and dangerous to know. I may just gather my children to me and insist on one more episode of Dr Who. The next one is the moon resort one and I really want to insist that David Tenant spends the day moon-tanning with Donna.

Let’s tread bravely into Term One!


  1. 😉 loved it! … & can relate from the luvly time w Alwyn & Jo & To here … but a tad removed from my immediate life; crisis? what crisis?! never a dull moment here … Work is good though xxx Oh here’s a bit of a clue xxx niiite zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    *Another Chapter Begins *

    *(its title will come to us )*


    Be strong, sooo strong. We can do this.


    My heart aches. It hurts, physically hurts.

    There were so many butterflies this morning. One got stepped upon by a dog. But after a brief rest, it flew off again, reflecting the morning sun in its wings. I knew it would be ok.

    I put your birthday cards and silly little prezzies somewhere safe.


    Wish I couldve found your Aussie-day flag but Still, I climbed Mount Brown this evening with you, and we watched the Skyworks together.

    I even remembered to bring a torch for the way back, but we didnt need it the night sky was clear and the path bright.

    Well, except I took us on a wrong turn down the hill and ended up on the dark bitumen path it was ok though, the night was silky warm and the quiet bush rustled inquisitively.


    Truck is safely back at the ranch cuddling against the shady bank and nestled amongst the collected driftwood.

    I did a heap of weeding today, for when you next mow my lawn it felt good.

    Angus & Xena are asleeeeep

    On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Julie Chilver

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